Midjourney Review

Midjourney Review

Updated: September 16, 2023

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Like many other artificial intelligence applications, image generators (also known as text-to-image services) are rising in popularity across the globe.

The official definition of text-to-image artificial intelligence (AI) services is "a machine learning model which takes a natural language description (i.e., a person entering text) as input and produces an image or set of images matching that description as output".

The best AI image generator in 2023 is Midjourney. This particular AI tool was created in 2023. Since then, Midjourney has taken image creation to new levels in an impressively short period.

Keep reading this Midjourney review to learn what Midjourney is, how Midjourney works, and what the opportunities and limitations are with using the text-to-image AI service.

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an online application that offers text-to-image AI services. Users can create images from text using Discord channel messaging. The app is only available via Discord. Users must have a verified account to start using the text-to-image AI service.

By accessing Midjourney's AI image generator through their Discord server with a user account, users have the opportunity to create art without any artistic skills. By simply submitting text descriptions of what they want, this advanced tool can provide photorealistic images that will bring life to whatever ideas and projects they might have in mind.

What Is Midjourney Used For?

Midjourney AI has become a popular choice for designers, artists, and content creators as it allows them to create high-quality images with remarkable speed.

With an easy-to-understand interface, Midjourney grants users the ability to use different styles and techniques, leading to endless possibilities in artistry for creating a final image.

Through this platform's features, all of those involved are able to make compelling visuals by using their own skills combined with the help of powerful artificial intelligence capabilities provided by Midjourney.

Yet, while this is impressive, there has been some controversy regarding the use of internet art without proper compensation being given back to original creatives. Users should be aware when they are using Midjourney's platform as part of their own projects or workflows.

What Images Cannot Be Created Using Midjourney?

Midjourney is one of the most advanced AI image generators you can find on the web. The app has limitless potential and can create the most realistic images for a variety of purposes.

The Terms of Service should be reviewed carefully before using the AI generated images. Midjourney currently states on its site (as of 2023) that images created can be used in "just about any way you want". However, the platform has rules around what types of images cannot be created. For example, no gore or adult content can be created.

The tool also shouldn't be used to create content that can "cause upset or drama". This rule is open to interpretation and means user discretion is needed to determine what's suitable and what's not suitable to create using Midjourney.

How Does the Midjourney Work?

Midjourney is an online AI application that enables users to create images from text.

In simple terms, this means users can describe the image they want to create, and the application will use the text to build the image.

For example, if a user wants to create an image of a field full of red tulips, typing "vibrant red field of tulip flowers" will build a set of AI images that match the description.

Once created, the application can be used to make variations to the image to better suit your needs. Finally, you can "upscale" the version you want.

How to Use Midjourney

Midjourney can only be used via Discord messaging. Users must have a verified Discord login to create an account with Midjourney.

Here's how to use Midjourney step-by-step:

  1. Create a Midjourney account
  2. Verify the account
  3. Open Discord and launch "Direct Messages"
  4. Click on the "+" icon to create a DM
  5. Find the Midjourney Bot to send a direct message
  6. Type "/imagine YOUR_PROMPT" where YOUR_PROMPT is the description of the image to be created
  7. Click return to send the message to the Midjourney bot
  8. A grid of images will appear after several minutes
  9. Create variations of the images to suit needs using the "U" buttons
  10. Save images and use them as required

How Do You Use Midjourney Effectively?

For the successful implementation of Midjourney, users should put forth comprehensive and appealing natural language descriptions to generate pictures that suit their vision. As an example, instead of just describing a view, one could specify certain elements like "a peaceful lake encircled by fall foliage," which would assist the AI in producing an image more aligned with what was imagined.

Is Midjourney Worth It?

Midjourney's unique capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and range of uses make it an attractive investment for many users. Despite some criticism over the platform's use of artwork from online sources without sufficient remuneration to creators, Midjourney still offers its customers original images generated by AI technology.

Users who are looking for value in their purchases can find great appeal in this powerful tool that provides so much potential at a reasonable price.

Is Midjourney the Best AI Art Generator?

Currently, in terms of AI-generated art quality, Midjourney is the best option. Developed by an independent research lab, Midjourney can generate images that are highly realistic.

However, users should be aware of its limitations, such as the lack of API access and occasional difficulties in generating the desired images due to prompt misunderstandings.

Alternatives worth are those Jasper Art and DALL-E 2 with different features.


An image created with Midjourney

Midjourney provides an impressive way to produce art without the need for artistic expertise with a few sentences. Its convenient AI technology and easy-to-use interface make it an attractive choice for those in creative fields like designers and content creators. One should be aware of its restrictions along with controversies about using artwork from other sources online without proper remuneration to the rightful artists.

For many people looking into different ways to create beautiful images via Artificial Intelligence software, investing in Midjourney is a great option due to its cost-effectiveness as well as potential uses.

Although this may not be suitable or effective for everyone, it could certainly add creativity by broadening your horizons when producing visuals through powerful algorithms provided by Midjourney's AI toolsets.

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