Recommend Me a Book

What Is a Book Recommender?

A book recommender uses books you've read or enjoyed before to recommend similar titles or authors for you to read.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), a book recommender can be used as your personal guide to help you find new authors and books to read based on your favorites.

How Does a Book Recommender Work?

The Book Recommender can help you find your next favorite book to read. It uses AI to scan the digital library and find books that match your taste.

Simply type the name of your favorite book, author, or genre -- and it will give you a list of books you may enjoy that are similar to the one you've entered.

How to Use the Book Recommender

Here's how to use the Book Recommender:

  1. Type the name of your favorite book, author, or a genre
  2. Tap Recommend Me a Book
  3. A list of similar books, their author, and publication date will appear
  4. Scroll the list to find your next favorite book
  5. Click Copy to copy the list and save it to your notes or send it to a friend
  6. Tap Play Audio to listen to the list aloud

To find more book recommendations, simply delete the text, enter a new book/author/genre, and repeat the steps above.

Is the AI Book Recommender Free to Use?

Yes, the AI Book Recommender is free to use. We believe that everyone should be able to find great books to read without worrying about the cost.

That's why we made this tool completely free, so anyone can find their next favorite book. You can use the tool to search for books as many times as you like for free.

How Do I Find a Book Recommendation?

Finding book recommendations isn't easy to do on your own, especially when you have a wide range of interests.

For example, if you like crime novels but you also enjoy reading young adult fantasy book series on occasion.

The quickest way to find a book recommendation is to use an AI book recommendation app/tool (like the one above).

It searches the web for books you may like based on books you've already read, genres you enjoy, and authors you like.

Or you can visit a bookstore or a library, or ask family members/friends for book recommendations.

Is There an App That Recommends Books?

You can use the Book Recommender (powered by AI) to find book recommendations based on your personal preferences.

The tool/app will create a list of books to read and their authors based on the genre, author, or book you enter into the search bar.

Where Do People Get Book Recommendations From?

Once you've found a book you love, it's natural to want to find new books and authors that are similar to the one you've just read.

Here are the main places people get book recommendations from:

  • Book recommender generators
  • Libraries and bookstores
  • Friends and family

Use the Book Recommender online app to find your next favorite book.

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