Who Am I?

Hello there! I'm an indiepreneur, which is a cool way of saying I'm an entrepreneur who likes doing things independently. I've a real passion for making web apps.

My educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. I didn't stop there though; I went on to get a Master's degree in Informatics from Istanbul University. If you're wondering, Informatics is a super interesting field that's all about organizing and understanding information and data.

For the past 10 years and counting, I've been in the business of building websites and optimizing them to show up when people search on Google. This way, it's easier for people to find and use them. Over the years, I've been a part of some really amazing projects.

Additionally, I've had the opportunity to share my thoughts and insights on esteemed platforms such as Forbes, and Yahoo, further broadening the reach of my work and ideas.

On this website, you'll find a collection of neat developer tools I've created.

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My Projects

🆘Morse Code Translator

An intuitive tool that effortlessly translates text to Morse code and vice versa, bridging the gap between modern communication and historical codes.

Online Alarm Clock

A user-friendly tool designed to help you manage your time effectively and never miss an important moment or task.