What Is the HTML Beautifier?

An HTML beautifier is an indispensable tool for any developer in the expansive realm of web development. This tool is specifically engineered to improve the structure and readability of HTML code. It comes to the rescue when developers have to deal with cluttered, minified, or ugly HTML code. The HTML beautifier transforms this code into a more readable and accessible format.

This transformation process is not merely about changing the appearance of the code. It includes the addition of proper line breaks and consistent indentation that make the HTML code visually organized and understandable.

Under the hood, the HTML Beautifier utilizes JavaScript libraries to perform its functions. Libraries like Prettier offer the required capabilities to parse and reformat both HTML and CSS code. All processes are executed in the browser, ensuring that none of the HTML data or source code you provide is forwarded elsewhere.

How to Use the HTML Beautifier

To start, input your minified HTML code or unattractive HTML code into the designated area of the online HTML Beautifier tool, which is an efficient online tool for this purpose. This can be done by either pasting the code directly into the input area or by uploading a file. The simplicity is comparable to the copy-paste process of a paragraph from a text document.

Following that, choose the indentation for your output code. You can choose from various style options such as "Tabs", "2 spaces", "4 spaces", "8 spaces". Then, select the line length for your code. If a line of code exceeds this length, it will wrap to the next line. This feature ensures that your code remains within the viewable area of your editor, eliminating the need to scroll horizontally.

Finally, press the "Beautify HTML" button. Your cluttered and hard-to-read HTML code will be transformed into a clean, well-structured, and easy-to-read format.

The newly formatted HTML code can be reviewed instantly upon completion of the beautification process. If you're satisfied with the result, you can copy the code or integrate it into your project as necessary. And if you need to keep a copy of the code, you can download it using the "Download" button.

Is HTML Beautifier Safe?

When using online tools like the HTML Beautifier for code formatting, one question that might cross your mind is, "Is my data safe?" The answer is a resounding "Yes".

Online HTML Beautifier tools process user data instantaneously, negating the need for data storage on the server. Picture a personal assistant who handles your tasks immediately without the need to store any of your data. That's what the HTML Beautifier does. It ensures that no data is being sent to any third-party websites, providing an added layer of security.